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EV Transition Advisor

Get Impartial and Expert Guidance on all things EV. Advisory Services for organisations transitioning to electric vehicle fleets and EV charging solutions.

Rob Speirs - Principle Consultant

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Successfully transitioning to EVs in your workplace is more than buying the car! Learn how Decarb Advisory can assist you and ensure your team has a positive outcome. We are agnostic, so provide the best solution for your environment.  


When you transition a company fleet to EVs, a whole-of-system approach will be required. My experience of electrifying fleets quickly brings benefits. Decarb Advisory assist with selecting the right fleet, provide guidance on socialising EVs with your team, and building a rollout program. I work with you to resolve charging solutions. Decarb Advisory are agnostic to vehicle brands and EV charging solutions. I work for you, not the suppliers.  


There is more to this than installing a few EV Chargers. Making the right decision at the outset will determine long-term success. We bring expertise to your Facility Manager or Body Corporate. Find out how Decarb Advisory can guide you. 

Body Corporate

Installing EV charging into higher density housing can be a challenge, with many stakeholders to manage. Owners and tenants require a solution that is easy and cost-effective. Facilities and buildings all have constraints, which if not managed with expertise, can create significant cost overruns. Body Corporate Committees do not have the knowledge or time to learn. Decarb Advisory provide fully independent expertise advice on what is required, and how to engage with service providers. We can even manage the procurement process for.


How will the Grid cope with all these EVs? The answer is smart technology and the application of Energy Flexibility. A combination of local, building and grid flexible solutions will all work together to ensure we optimise EV Charging.

Energy Flex

Electricity Flexibility is an evolution of demand response, where electricity load is shed at times of high energy demand. Smart technology now allows for shaping and shifting of demand loads such as EV charging. This allows different parts of our electricity grid to flex demand according to conditions. Cost optimisation and renewable generation mix will be key considerations in the future of our electricity system. Decarb Advisory is actively working in this emerging space.

Why Use an Advisory & Consulting Service?

Buying an EV is easy, implementing change is hard. It doesn’t have to be.

Working with me, you save time, money and a whole lot of stress. Avoid biased opinions from contractors and suppliers and get expert and impartial advice for your project. And, I help you ease the internal resistance you face on your transition to Electric Vehicles.

I help with:

  • Selecting EV Charging & Infrastructure 

  • Socialising Change in the Organisation

  • Minimising Unnecessary Costs

  • Making the Right Decisions

Decarb Advisory provides the best options for your individual situation. My knowledge of the New Zealand EV charging industry is hard to rival.

Strategic Partnership with enter

March 8, 2024 – Decarb Advisory and enter today announced a strategic partnership aimed at fast-tracking Asia-Pacific (APAC) market expansion for global energy and mobility companies.